"I feel revived, almost like I have a new life"

"Having access to full service health care here at school is amazing.”

“Dr. Bruce keeps me straight, I’m so grateful for everyone here.”

“The Dental care I receive is second to none … It’s amazing”

Building A Great Community

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Patient-Centered Care

Who We Can Help

As partners committed to you and your wellness, we’ll work with you and your family to coordinate easy access to care. We’ll help you select a primary care provider (if you don’t already have one) and will involve you in every step of your care plan.

Our electronic health record technology will allow us to easily and efficiently coordinate your plan both with you and with your team. Your new team will be there to coach and encourage you to meet your wellness goals. We’ll also refer you to other providers as needed, including specialists or second opinions outside Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center. Read More


How We Serve The Community


Our Providers

Our providers want to be a resource for you and a partner in your health and well-being. Whether you are seeking medical, dental or mental health care, you will be treated by experienced, compassionate healthcare professionals who make it their mission every day to provide you, your family, your friends—anyone who walks through our doors—with the exceptional care that you deserve. With more than 150 doctors, APRNS, dentists, psychologists and clinicians on staff, you will receive improved continuity of care, quicker appointments with specialists and the highest quality of care for all of your healthcare needs.


Health & Wellness

Are you looking to lose weight, decrease your cholesterol or control your diabetes? Or maybe you just want to eat healthier? Regardless of what your nutritional goals are, our Wellness Education & Outreach (WEO) Department can help! WEO offers a full range of nutrition services aimed at helping people make healthier food choices as well as managing chronic medical conditions including pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Services offered include individual dietary analysis and counseling, diabetes self-management classes, and cooking workshops.



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We Are Hiring

We are always looking for talented, compassionate people to join the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center team. As Connecticut’s first Federally Qualified Health Center and a leader in community healthcare for over fifty years, we offer many exciting career opportunities throughout New Haven County . If you want to realize your professional ambitions while delivering the highest levels of expertise and service to our patients, we’d love to meet you!

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